What Are Truncated Domes?

Federal & State ADA laws require that truncated domes are installed in specified areas to alert blind, partially sighted, and other pedestrians that they are transitioning from a pedestrian area to a space shared with vehicles. An example would be leaving the sidewalk to enter the street or a parking lot. They provide a yellow, tactile warning system in a distinct pattern that can be detected by a cane or felt underfoot.


Installation & Retrofitting

We provide and install truncated domes that are guaranteed to meet ADA and California Code and that are built to last!

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About California Truncated Dome Company


Why Choose Us

California Truncated Dome Company is a division of Protrk Construction, a leader in the ADA industry

Our primary focus here at California Truncated Domes Company is handling all of your truncated dome needs. Whether that means removing or replacing non-compliant domes at an existing property, or installing a brand new set we can coordinate the entire project making it stress-free and cost-effective. This is what we do. We are experts in this particular area of ADA construction and will make sure your truncated domes are in full compliance with ADA guidelines and laws. We have creative options to bring your property into the current code requirements without breaking the bank.

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ADA Construction Experts

We ONLY do ADA work - specifically work related truncated domes. We are at the leading edge of the latest ADA & Califonia laws & ordinance.


Know The Law!

This is more than just a California Code lawsuit. This is federal law! If you are not compliant the Federal Government will actively sue you!


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Don't wait for the lawsuit. Call us today and book a FREE compliance analysis visit today and find out if you need to upgrade your truncated domes.


Truncated Dome Size & Spacing

Truncated domes must be yellow & have a base diameter of between 23mm & 36mm. Regulations also state that the top diameter is between 50-65% of the base diameter. Keep an appropriate base to base spacing of 17mm between domes.


Platform Edges

Where truncated domes are installed at platform boarding edges they must be 610mm wide and extend the entire length of the public area of the platform.


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ADA Construction?

For additional ADA construction work, our parent company Protrk Construction is a dedicated ADA contractor serving San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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Current ADA Regulations

The ADA states truncated domes must be yellow & have a minimum base diameter of 23mm & shall not exceed 36mm. The top diameter of the dome shall be a minimum of 50% of the base diameter, and shall not exceed 65%.

ADA & California Compliant
Quality & Precision
Controlled Cost
Timely Completion

Removal of


Installation of New Truncated Domes


Retrofitting Truncated Domes


Visual Contrast


Dome Size


Dome Spacing



I'm working with Mike Schaeffer with Protrk to comply with the 2019 San Francisco Mandatory ADA Access ordinance on two commercial properties I manage. Mike is responsive, knowledgeable, thorough, easy to work with, and welcomes feedback from his clients. I highly recommend his services.

Marc Malardino, RPA

Mike was excellent to work with, thanks for your help with the ADA work on our property. I would like to commend you for the clear and easy communication throughout the project. Your work was completed as promised in terms of the scope of work and the time it took to do it. Thanks again for helping make a difficult process less of a burden.


It was an overall great experience to have Protrk managed my project. There were many things I was unprepared for, yet Protrk anticipated and provided solution approaches. I would definitely work with Protrk again on all my future projects.


Protrk brings a wealth of experience both about the process and actual construction.


Just want to say thanks for your hard work on the project. You stepped in to a very complicated scope of work, with very little front-end documentation, that had unending unforeseen conditions, and pulled it off delivering a very high caliber product — not to mention you were under a very compressed schedule! My hats off to you! It takes a special person with a very focused construction mindset to lead the teams to success. You should be very proud of your work and your team's accomplishment!


Great work Mike. You are an honest professional. I really appreciate your expertise, work ethic and communication. Let's do more work together.