Our primary focus here at California Truncated Domes Company is handling all of your truncated dome needs. Whether that means removing or replacing non-compliant domes at an existing property, or installing a brand new set we can co-ordinate the entire project making it stress-free and cost-effective. This is what we do. We are experts in this particular area of ADA construction and will make sure your truncated domes are in full compliance with ADA guidelines and the California Access Compliance Manual.

  • ADA and California Compliant
  • Quality and Precision
  • Superior Service and Controlled Cost
  • Timely Completion and Delivery


California Truncated Dome Company is a division of Protrk® Construction.

Protrk® Construction is a California design-build company that specializes in ADA improvements for commercial property owners, property managers, and contractors.

We guarantee our precision design-build work and improvements to meet all California State ADA guidelines. Protrk® provides complete end-to-end design, value engineering, coordination, and construction for your commercial ADA improvements.

Video Transcript

While ADA work is usually a small portion of a building project, it requires the most knowledge and supervision. If the work performed is not in compliance, you could experience delays in obtaining a certificate of occupancy to open your building. Leave the stress and complexities of your ADA project to Protrk®.

Protrk® is the Bay Area design-build company that specializes in ADA improvements for commercial clients, business owners, developers and more. We handle all the ADA laws and codes that are constantly evolving and changing, leaving no room for error. Protrk® has the knowledge and experience to design and build cost effective solutions that meet all California ADA laws and uniform building codes guaranteed.

We provide complete end-to-end design, value engineering, co-ordination, construction and certification of your ADA improvements. Protrk® provide free evaluation, prompt responses, clear communication, and weekly status updates throughout the entire project. Our experts complete ADA improvements right the first time avoiding any costly revisions or legal issues that could arise from a sub-par job. Reach out to Protrk® today. We are your ADA Solution.