Why Are Truncated Domes Necessary?

Truncated domes are something we all see almost every day, but many people in the general population are unaware of what purpose they serve! Tactile Warnings are made up of a distinctive pattern of bumps, aka truncated domes, which are easily detected by a long cane or felt underfoot to alert the visually impaired that they are approaching a hazard such as moving traffic or a change in height.


If you are a business or property owner where there is an area that could present a hazard, such as a walkway that crosses into the parking lot, a curb ramp or another hazard, then installing truncated domes is a legal requirement. Failure to do so could result in a federal lawsuit against you for breaching the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Not only is that going to damage your reputation as a business owner, but it can be a significant financial loss for you as well.

According to the current California Building Code, curb ramps must have a detectable warning or tactile surface extending the full width with a maximum gap on each side of just 2 inches. It must also be a minimum of 36 inches deep. The surface must be slip-resistant, and the truncated domes must meet the height, width, and spacing requirements laid out by the ADA and CBC. While the ADA does not specify a particular color for truncated domes as long as they contrast with the rest of the walking surface, the California code requires yellow.


The ADA came into effect in 1990, but the requirement for truncated domes was introduced at a later date. This means that many businesses now require truncated domes to be installed on curb cutouts, parking lots, wheelchair ramps, entrances, and paths of travel. However, concrete is already installed in these locations, so embedded tactile surfaces require extensive demolition. The good news for such businesses is that surface-applied truncated domes are also available and can be used without repouring concrete.

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